23 Feb 2017

Princess doll

I admit I'm new to doll making, and late to the Tilda World, but better late than never! I found a book at the second hand store about making soft dolls and I fell in love. Meet my first princess doll!

She is very long and slender with a saucy lace crown, blue bodice and floral gathered skirt. Her hair and face are painted on with black fabric paint to mimic the delicate look of an old-timey porcelain doll.

Her dress is sewn to fit and cannot be removed. Her clothing is non-changeable.

Her hair and eyes have been heat sealed and the blush fixed, but I would not recommend submerging the head in water. Recommended cleaning is spot cleaning or wiping down with a damp rag. This will also prevent the stuffing from becoming lumpy.

Not recommended for a younger child's vigorous play, as the arms are hand-sewn to the body.

More to come!
Stay tuned, as I will be working on a ballerina doll and Tilda Sweet Heart doll next!