10 Mar 2017

Bandana bibs

The 6 to 12 month and toddler bandana bibs are proving to be very popular!

I decided to have some fun with more adult-themed fabric designs. This new batch features all your favorite villains from Star Wars: The Force Awakens - stormtroopers and Kylo Ren.

These bibs are made from new cotton and recycled terry-cloth and fasten shut using durable Prym snaps. As always, they are machine washable.

May the force be with you, young Padawan!

8 Mar 2017

Plush denim whales

These adorable stuffed whales are made from recycled denim and floral cotton.

They are safe for all ages as there are no choking hazards posed with painted eyes. The whales come in two sizes, large and small. If machine washed, the stuffing may clump. It is recommended to wipe clean with a damp rang.

Personally, I just love their cute floral tummies and arched tales.

Why not collect a whole pod? They'll swim right into your heart!

4 Mar 2017

Toy bag with built-in bed

This dual-function toy is perfect for travel or downtown living: a child's toy bag with built-in doll bed. This compact item is perfect for teddies or smaller dolls. A child can keep doll clothing and accessories in the center pocket, while the outer, lace-edged pocket offers a sweet bed for dolly to nap in.

Travel bag comes complete with pillow. Teddy not included. Made from recycled cotton and lace. Item is machine washable.

1 Mar 2017

Squeaky dog toy

Why should cats get all the fun toys? This dog bone squeaky toy is made from recycled canvas to withstand Fido's chewing and has squeakers in both ends.

23 Feb 2017

Princess doll

I admit I'm new to doll making, and late to the Tilda World, but better late than never! I found a book at the second hand store about making soft dolls and I fell in love. Meet my first princess doll!

She is very long and slender with a saucy lace crown, blue bodice and floral gathered skirt. Her hair and face are painted on with black fabric paint to mimic the delicate look of an old-timey porcelain doll.

Her dress is sewn to fit and cannot be removed. Her clothing is non-changeable.

Her hair and eyes have been heat sealed and the blush fixed, but I would not recommend submerging the head in water. Recommended cleaning is spot cleaning or wiping down with a damp rag. This will also prevent the stuffing from becoming lumpy.

Not recommended for a younger child's vigorous play, as the arms are hand-sewn to the body.

More to come!
Stay tuned, as I will be working on a ballerina doll and Tilda Sweet Heart doll next!

7 Feb 2017

Dog bandanas

I'm expanding from cat toys into dog-wear! Introducing doggie bandanas, for small to mid-sized pups. I will be creating a variety of sizes in different colors and patterns.

All bandanas have a snap enclosure for safe break away and are machine washable.

As always, if you would like something customized for your fur baby, just email me!

23 Jan 2017

Custom dream catcher

Over the holidays, I had a request for a custom dream catcher. This one was a lot of fun to make, as I got to practice my hoop weaving skills!

This design was inspired by the client's dream - of a dream catcher. (Inception?) The "woven" portion of the hoop is white acrylic wool woven in an organic, spider-web design with healing crystals integrated into the pattern. It hangs from a curved piece of British Columbian driftwood and has white and cream fabric tassels.

I think its a wonderful combination of minimalism and the organic. Sweet dreams!