29 Sep 2016

New product: catnip fish toys

Since Arts Market has put out the call for donations in support of Team Cat Rescue, I've been inspired to come up with kitty-themed items for October.

Fish cat toys, filled with organic catnip.

May I present the Catnip Fish Toy! These are soft fish plushies filled with organic cat nip, made from reclaimed suit material or corduroy.

I believe in testing my products whenever possible, so I had Hailey the cat review this toy. Her pet parent said she absolutely loved it, playing with it for hours. She loves to roll on it, flick it about and pounce on it. He reported that she normally isn't interested when presented with toys, but in her review video, she clearly can't wait to get her paws on it.

The Catnip Fish Toys will be available as of Oct. 2, 2016.