17 Oct 2016

New toy: Pirate Treasure Play Set

I"m so excited about this toy, its the first set that I've designed myself!

This is the perfect toy for imaginative play. Each Pirate Treasure Play Set comes with three items: a small treasure chest, 8 gold coins and a pirate map.

The treasure chests are compact wooden chests that I stained and wood burned for the "ancient strongbox" look. The gold coins are large enough for small children to grab, but too big to be a choking hazard. It's not pirate treasure unless it's stolen Inca gold! The coins feature three designs: a skull, a knight and a geometric design. There are two map designs to choose from, an traditional pirate map and a more cartoon-y one for younger children.

I guarantee you won't find any other pirate set like this one; the coins and the maps are made from custom printed fabric. Finally, a pirate map that won't rip or get ruined in the rain.

Practice counting your gold coins or go on an epic treasure hunt!